Save the date : November 9th, 2017 at the European parliament in Brussels

Selected objectives to be achieved by the EFSSE

How to make european, national and local institutions actively work in favour of the SSE
Defining the role and responsabilities of each agent around the SSE (institutions, coops workers, social networks, political parties)
Differences and common points between models within the Social Economy’s diverse spectrum of practices
Role of the SSE facing Capitalism (counter-hegemonical and/or a legitimating practices?)
How to break the wall
between citizenship and the SSE
How the SSE can practically
succed in satisfying social and environmental needs

Areas of Interest raised by the participants

Ethical finances and autonomy
Tools for SSE impact measurement
Tools and dynamics for exchanging experiences and best practices
SSE and technological innovation
SSE and social inclusion
SSE education and training
Social innovation and Democratic management of SSE enterprises (workers’status)
SSE and common goods management